Past events


  • January 28th, Webinar

    Wyatt MacGaffey's Interactions with HistoriansTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Wyatt MacGAFFEYHaverord College, USA

  • Febuary 25th, Webinar

    How Jesus Became Black: Kongo’s Discovery of its Role in the Creation and Nativity StoriesTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    John THORTON,

  • March 25th, Webinar

    Current anthropological research on Mbanza Kongo and the Kongo political historyTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Ramon SARROUniversity of Oxford, UK

  • April 1st, Webinar

    From Hell to Hell: Central Africans and Christian Visual Catechesis in the Early Modern Transatlantic Slave TradeTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Cécile FromontYale University ,

  • April 29th, Webinar

    Kongo Studies in Brazil, Prof. Marina de Mello, Dr. Bruno Pastre Maximo, Prof . Thiago Sapede.Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Marina De Mello e Souza, BrasilBruno Pastre Maximo, BrasilThiago SAPEDE, Brasil

  • May 20th, Webinar

    Tata Ndoundou a man of gifts: a Swedish missiologist's analytical accountTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Bertil AHMANUPPSala University, Sweden

  • Today, Webinar

    Four Ways of Not saying Something in Digital Kinshasa/On the Substance of Shadow ConversationsTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Katrien PypeLeuven University, KU

  • 2022

  • January 29th, Webinar

    Becoming a healer's patient: aspects of Cokwe medical; practice in Kahemba Zone, DRC.Time: 11:00 AM

    Paul STAN YODERUniversity of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Febuary 14th, Webinar

    Faith-based organizations and Covid prevention in subSaharan Africa: challenges and opportunities in health promotionTime: 10:00 AM

    Emma WILD-WOODUniversity of Edinburgh, UKMwai MAKOKAWorld Council of Churches, Geneva

  • Febuary 26th, Webinar

    Kongo Cultural Remnants Across the Atlantic: Food, Religions and LanguagesTime: 11:00

    Ras Michael L. BROWNGeorgia State University, USA

  • March 26th, Webinar

    Engaging Janzen's Ethnographies: multidimensionality and dynamism of an anthropological practiceTime: 09:30 AM Eastern Time

    Lemba, 1650-1930: A drum of affliction in Africa and the New World, 1982Myers GARTH ATrinity College, USAJohn M. Janzen and the Urbanization of Healing and Healers in AfricaWyatt MacGAFFEYHaverord College, USAEpistolary Scholarship: two decades of exchanges between John M. Janzen and Me. EmeritusAlexander JACQUI M.University of Toronto, CanadaContegency of Form and Meaning: Janzen and Weber on Anabatist AttachmentsDaniel SULLIVAN L.University of Arizona, USASeeing like Janzen: How Cultural Holograms and Historical Critique Emerged from the Kongo Transatlantic SeminarKiran JARAYAMUniversity of South Florida, USAConversation with John M. Janzen about the Politics and Ethics of Therapeutic Management Group in the quest for Therapy and Conflict resolution in D.R. CongoAdrien N. Ngudiankama, MPhil., Ph.D.,

  • April 9th, Webinar

    (Not)Remembering Kasa-Vubu: The Competing Afterlives of the D.R. Congo's First PresidentTime: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Margot LUYCKFASSEELUniversity of Gent, Belgium

  • April 30th, Webinar

    Kongo Kingdom and Kongo Language: Divergent pasts, Converging presentsTime: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Koen BOSTOENUniversity of Ghent, Belgium

  • May 14th, Webinar

    Reinterpreting Joseph Kasa-Vubu and the Abako: A moral and intellectual imperativeTime: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Justine KASA-VUBU,

  • May 28th, Webinar

    Globalisation, urbanization and the fate of Africa ethnic languages: the case of Kikongo and KitubaTime: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Salikoko MUFWENEUniversity of Chicago , USA

  • June 4th, Webinar

    Formal Education Policies in the Kongo Kingdom of the 16th Century.Time: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Inge BRINKMANUniversity of Gent, Belgium

  • June 11th, Webinar

    Kongo Prophets and UNESCO Technocrats: Forests, Ruins and Heritages in Northen AngolaTime: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Ramon SARROUniversity of Oxford, UK

  • June 25th, Webinar

    The DRC and its history: what reflection on the future?Time: 10:30 AM Eastern Time

    Isidore NDAYWEL, DRC

  • August 6th, Webinar

    Africa, history, knowledge, and geopolitics: what interpretation?Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Theophile OBENGA,

  • August 20th, Webinar

    Afro-Atlantic Catholics: America’s First Black ChristiansTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Jeroen DewulfUniversity of California, Berkeley,

  • August 27th, Webinar

    This webinar has been postponed! We apologize for the inconvenience. We will inform you about the rescheduled date. Enjoy your weekend.Time: 00:00

    Jeremy RICHMarywood University, USA

  • September 24th, Webinar

    Trauma, Identities and Survival Mechanisms of African Refugees: Reflections on Field StoriesTime: 11:00

    Cecile VIGOUROUXSimon Fraser University, CanadaAdrien N. Ngudiankama, MPhil., Ph.D.,

  • October 15th, Webinar

    Kongo protestants and the expansion of Christianity between 1885 and 1980: A historical comparative analysis of the work of Ndonzao Nlemvo, Simon Kimbangu, Simao Toko and Daniel NdoundouTime: 10:00

    Bertil AHMANUPPSala University, SwedenJosef NSUMBUUPPSala University, SwedenBernard COYAULTFaculté Univ. Théologique Protestante de Bruxelles, BelgiumAdrien N. Ngudiankama, MPhil., Ph.D.,

  • October 29th, Webinar

    Time: 11:00

  • November 19th, Webinar

    Trauma, Identities, and Coping/Survival Mechanisms among Francophone African ImmigrantsTime: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

    Adrien N. Ngudiankama, MPhil., Ph.D.,

  • November 26th, Webinar

    Some golden contemporary opportunities in Kongo studies: geography, history, and linguisticTime: 11:00

    MANZAMBI FernandoNational Director of Museums, Angola

  • 2021

  • May 28th, Webinar

    Kongo Sociocultural Movements: 100 years after Simon Kimbangu’s arrest. (day 1)Time: 11:00

  • May 29th, Webinar

    Kongo Sociocultural Movements: 100 years after Simon Kimbangu’s arrest. (day 2)Time: 11:00

  • July 31th, Webinar

    Power, Conflicts, and Multiple Narratives of the Kulumbimbi place in Mbanza Kongo.Time: 11:00

  • August 28th, Webinar

    Succession crises and the relations to politics within the Kimbanguist church and the Tokoist church: a comparative perspectiveTime: 11:00

  • September 25th, Webinar

    Talks and thoughts about a Kongo monarch: King Afonso, power, the church, and diplomacy.Time: 11:00

  • October 30th, Webinar

    Engaging with Wyatt MacGaffey's scholarshipTime: 11:00

  • November 27th, Webinar

    “I want you to Jump”: Kongo Influences on Shouting and African-American Religious Worship in the 19th Century U.S. SouthTime: 11:00

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