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Kikongo or Kongo is a Bantu language spoken by the Kongos (Bakongo in Kikongo) living in Angola (in the north of the country and the enclave of Cabinda), in the Democratic Republic of Congo (in the provinces of Central Kongo and Kinshasa), in the Republic of Congo (in the south-west as far as Brazzaville), and in southern Gabon.

Many of the African slaves transported in the Atlantic slave trade spoke Kikongo, and its influence can be found in many Creole languages, such as Palenquero, Habla Congolese, Gullah, Saramaka, and Haitian Creole (with words such as simbi, makaya, etc.).

Oportunity & Qualification

Kongo academy offers you the opportunity to learn Kikongo. Those interested in speaking Kongo will find an opportunity to connect or reconnect with the Kongo land, people, music and art.

Knowing Kikongo is an asset for those interested in Kongo culture. It will help them in their interactions with Kongo people either while doing research work, tourism, or business in the Kongo cultural space.

With its team of qualified teachers, Kongo Academy offers a three-level virtual classes (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced). Yet, the class formats are both group dynamic or individual tailored, based on the needs of the learner.

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