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  • October 15th, Webinar

    Kongo protestants and the expansion of Christianity between 1885 and 1980: A historical comparative analysis of the work of Ndonzao Nlemvo, Simon Kimbangu, Simao Toko and Daniel NdoundouTime: 10:00

    Bertil AHMANUPPSala University, SwedenJosef NSUMBUUPPSala University, SwedenBernard COYAULTFaculté Univ. Théologique Protestante de Bruxelles, BelgiumAdrien N. Ngudiankama, MPhil., Ph.D.,

  • October 29th, Webinar

    Time: 11:00

  • November 26th, Webinar

    Some golden contemporary opportunities in Kongo studies: geography, history, and linguisticTime: 11:00

    MANZAMBI FernandoNational Director of Museums, Angola

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